2002 Cut Flowers of the Year

Echo series Lisianthus

The Echo series is the world’s first 100% all double-flowering cut flower type Lisianthus. Echo is a Group 1, early-flowering, spray type Lisianthus with the strong stems necessary to support the luxurious satiny double blooms. In the field, plants reach a height of about 28 inches, in the greenhouse, stem lengths of 32 inches can be expected. Bob Wollam, who grows cut flowers in Virginia for sales to florists and farmers markets in the D.C. area, says, “The Echo series is a strong grower with consistently high bud count and clear vibrant colors.” Available in seven distinct colors and a formula mix, everyone has his or her favorite. Kansas flower grower Lynn Byczynski comments, There is no color anywhere to compare to the ˜Echo Champagne. People just melt when they see that peachy pink color. For Pennsylvania grower Paul Shumaker, Echo Blue is a classic” while “™Blue Picotee was the big seller the last two years.” In addition to a striking appearance, the Echo series also has exceptional vase life helping to make it a crop that is easy to market. Customers start asking for it as soon as they see me. says one North Carolina grower.The great vase life helps build repeat sales. In short, the Echo series is a great crop and ASCFG members say if you haven™ tried it you should.

“Chief” series Celosia

The Chief series of celosia was bred especially for cut flower production. Uniform flowering on 40-inch tall plants plants produces a wide range of vibrant colors. Chief celosia is completely undaunted by the extremes of summer temperature and is therefore totally suitable for cut flower production during the summer’s periods of high heat and humidity Commenting that summers in Texas could get downright warm, Texas Sown and Grown owner Dianne Cousins reports “They still grew like gangbusters.” Dianne goes on to say that “The colors are brilliant, my favorites being carmine and persimmon.” Perhaps her most telling remark was, “They made me feel so proud when I started selling them.” Every grower wants to feel pride and confidence standing behind his or her products. North Carolina grower Patricia Raible tells us, “I love the Chief series. We wholesale it to Hills Floral in Charlotte and they love the large colorful heads. The reds dry beautifully”. For Kansas grower Lynn Byczynski; ” The Chief persimmon is especially gorgeous, and orange is very popular with designers right now. Chief is reliable for long stems and high yield.” “Chief Celosia” is a great field performer, it is well adapted to a variety of conditions, and it produces easily marketed stunning flowers. The report from Bloomingdale Farms is that “It’s a multipurpose, relatively easy flower to grow. I am wild about the Chief celosias,” says New York State grower Chris Grandits. “Chief Celosia will be on my growing list for years to come.”