ASCFG National Cut Flower Trial Program

ASCFG Cut Flower Trial Program

The ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials are recognized as the only national cut flower evaluations in the United States. Growers in all zones test new annual, perennial, bulb, and woody cut flower varieties for hardiness, yield, stem length, and marketability. Breeders and suppliers rely on these Trials as an integral part of their cultivar development and evaluation process. Data are compiled by Dr. John Dole at North Carolina State University, where postharvest testing is also done. Find complete trial information at the NCSU site.

The results of each year’s Trials are published in the Winter issue of The Cut Flower Quarterly. Back issues of the Quarterly are posted in the Members Only section of this web site. If you’re not yet an ASCFG member, we’re happy to send you a copy of a pertinent issue.

What is the History of the ASCFG Trials Program?

Read a report from the 2014 International Trials Conference.

Want to Participate?

We’re looking for established (ASCFG members for at least three years) commercial growers, excellent record-keepers, and those who will be sure to see the program through the entire growing season, from properly siting the plant material in the spring to promptly turning in data in the fall. You must be organized, responsible, and committed to the process even in the midst of busy growing, harvest, and marketing times. If you’d like to be one of the first growers to see the newest plant material coming in from the breeders, and contribute to an important service for all cut flower growers, please participate.

Culture information for trialers can be found in the Members Only Learning Portal.