2009 Cut Flowers of the Year


Zinnia ‘Uproar Roseâ’™
‘Uproar Roseâ’™ was the highest-rated cultivar in the 2008 Seed Trials. Its consistent magenta-rose color, high degree of doubleness and large flower size made this a favorite with growers across the country. It was called a standout in the field for its heavy yield on strong 30-inch stems. For those growing zinnias in the North, one planting may be enough for long stems all season. For those in the South, fresh plantings every four weeks will insure a constant supply of high quality flowers. ‘Uproar Roseâ’™ is mildew resistant but as with similar cultivars, the incidence will increase on older plantings, especially in the fall.


Achillea ‘Coronation Goldâ’™
Allan Armitage considers ‘Coronation Goldâ’™ the best upright golden yellow yarrow available. The cut flower standard has 3 to 4 inch wide flowers on 24-inch stems. Plants require little maintenance, and are productive, with division, for several years. Plants should be divided and replanted every third to fourth year as the longest stems are usually obtained the second and third year after planting. Flowers are easily dried and hold their yellow color indefinitely. The strong stems allow them to be easily used in dried arrangements. Fresh cut flowers can last for more than a week, be sure to change the water in buckets frequently if storing in the cooler.


Hydrangea ‘Hamburg’™
“What is old is new again” this saying is a great fit for the long-time favorite Hydrangea macrophylla. One of the best cultivars is ‘Hamburg’™, which Lane Greer states has blue-purple (dark pink) fading to red, serrated sepals, large flowers are good for drying and preserving flowers are popular when harvested blue, and equally popular these days when the flowers age to wonderful mix of green, blue and pink . Vase life will be 6 to 8 days when harvested early in the season and 10 to 12 days when the antiques are harvested later in the season. How many other cut flower species last longer the older they are cut? The early flowering and long harvest seasons means these vigorous plants will be wonderfully productive.