About Zabo Plant

Zabo Plant is a specialist in the distribution of lily bulbs. We send millions of bulbs all over the world for the production of potted plants and cut flowers from our head office in the Netherlands, which makes us one of the top five distributors of lily bulbs in the world today. Of course, we make every effort to retain this position.

We focus on innovation in product and technology and work on the development and improvement of our operating processes on a daily basis. Our high-tech cooling facilities guarantee the optimum storage of the product. Together with the best bulb, flower and potted plant growers and nurseries in the Netherlands and abroad we select the best varieties that are distinctive in color, vigor and plant performance and are therefore of added value to the consumer. We have developed a top-class range of lilies and have grown into the expert in flowering we are today. Additionally, we are the distributor for the Roselily™ and LilyLooks™ lines, in which we grant our customers access to the most unique genetics of double-flowered lilies and genetically short potted lilies.

The benefits for you.

We have applied all the expertise that we gained in the export of lily bulbs into our new CallaNova™ line. This is not only about technology and innovation; it will grant you access to a rich network of contacts with parties throughout the entire supply chain: From breeding to sales. Our branches in Chile and the United States offer CallaNova™ outstanding opportunities for the supply of the product. Of course, quality is guaranteed because we only enter into partnerships with the very best in the field and translate our knowledge and expertise into a high level of service. This makes doing business with Zabo Plant comfortable and hassle-free.

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