2022 Seed Trialer Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Seed Trial.

We’re looking for established (ASCFG members for at least three years) growers, excellent record-keepers, and those who will be sure to see the program through the entire growing season, from properly siting the plant material in the spring to promptly turning in data in the fall. You must be organized, responsible, and committed to the process even in the midst of busy growing, harvest, and marketing times.

For 2022, we’ll be evaluating new and long-awaited Uproar zinnias, as well as some additions to the Sunday celosia lineup, and many other species. The parade of marigolds continues – which ones may be useful for Día de los Muertos or Diwali festivals?

Trialers may select the cultivars they’d like to evaluate based on their climate and personal preferences. Trialers must select a minimum of six cultivars. Note that you will also be sent a number of other varieties to ensure sufficient geographic distribution of each cultivar. Our goal is to have seed in the mail to Trialers by mid December.

Complete the form below to select those you’d like to evaluate. The deadline to apply is December 11; qualified applicants will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis until we’ve reached 35 Trialers.

We hope you will participate in this important service for all cut flower growers.

2022 Seed Trialer Application

  • Please indicate which cultivars (minimum six) you would like to evaluate, with the understanding that you will also be sent others.

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