Research Foundation Drive Donors

Thank you for funding future flower research!

Since 2003, the ASCFG Research Foundation has awarded more than fifty grants to qualified and innovative researchers. With these donations, we hope to grow our Grants program and to provide more opportunities to scholars who engage in floriculture research. The need for relevant research on the wide variety of cut flowers, methods of production and marketing, and agricultural economics is greater than ever.

ASCFG members generously donated $13,982 during our 2023 Fund Future Flower Research Donation Drive, and by “Rounding up for Research” when they renewed their memberships this year. We appreciate your initiative and support.

In addition to the wonderful generosity shown by our members during the Fund Future Flower Research Donation Drive, the ASCFG Research Foundation hosted two webinars to showcase our suppliers. Funds raised through these webinars totaled $6,450. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our members and our vendors. Thank you so very much!


Ball Horticultural

Sustainable Futures Fund


American Takii
Ball Seed
Botanical Trading Co.
Cubed Laboratories
InFlora Cut Flowers
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leo Berbee Bulb Co.

Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants
Sakata Seed
Seven Springs Farm Supply
Spring Meadows Nursery
Walters Gardens
Zabo Plant Inc


Patricia Beane
Grounded Seed Flower Farm
Anne Bertinuson
Rosebud Estates
Joe Burns
Bees N Blooms
Linda Chapman
Harvest Moon Flower Farm

Linda D’Arco
Little Farmhouse Flowers
Emily von Trapp & Linda D’Arco
The Tulip Workshop
John Dole
Carl and Jan Galloni
River Twist Homestead

Laurie Gehrt
Morning Walk Farm
Gretchen Langston
Susan Rockwood
Arcola Trail Flower Farm

Kristin Rubin
Sweetwater Stem Co.
Dave Rubino
Plumb Farms Nursery & Flowers
Gerard Smit
Smit Nursery


Hillary Alger
Maureen Althouse
Chet Anderson
Allan Armitage
Jean Barker
Lyndsay Biehl
Stephenie Chow
Amanda Cook
Shelly Eckels
Peter Engel

Karla Etten
Joanne Feddes
Jennifer Frisbie
Malinda Garris
Lisa Grim
Jennifer Gulizia
Stephanie Harris
Esther Hill
Laurie Hodges
Beverly Lacey

Grace Lam
Cathy Laws
Jennie Love
Jennifer Marks
Mandy and Steve O’Shea
Anne Pellot
Walter Perry
Paula Rankin
Cathy Simons
Brenda Smith

Jennifer Smith
Carolyn Snell
Lori Soehnlen
Laura Stump
Joan Thorndike
Richard Uva
Chris Wien


Les Ball
Josie Baxter
Pamela Bosward
Teresa Brewster
Jana Burgoyne
Helen Campbell
Anna Costello
Jill Coutts
Carie Cufr
Peggy Hall-Davenport
Heiddi Davis
Sandie Dee
Sarah Jo and Matt Eversole
Lia Fleming
Melanie Funderburk
Gayle Furer
Malinda Garris
Claude Gauthier
Veronica Geisenhof
Michael Genovese

Karen Haddad
Peggy Hall-Davenport
Veronica Geisenhof
Stacey Harrell
Tiffany Hayden
Wanda Huntoon
Nicolette Irving
Barb Jewell
Catherine Jones
Ulana Joslin
Nancy Kelly
Cynthia Kern
Allison Kerwin
Penny Kristek
Ellen Krzemien
Rachel Larson
Lisa Lasch
Anik Lehouiller
Donna Macdonald
Janet MacEwen

Deana Mann
Dyanna Marquardt
Erin and Tara McIntosh
Sheila Merfeld
Amy Methvin
Mandy and Steve O’Shea
Rebecca Perry
Timothy Pierce
Martha Pineda
Beth Poggioli
Deanna Pool
Kelly Preslar-Garcia
Paula Rankin
Rachel Ratcliff
Julie Raymond
Jill Riley
Shellie Watkins Ritzman
Jerry Rodgers
Stacey Rude
Rachel Ryall
Fawn Rueckert

Thomas Sereduk
Karin Skalla
Carmen Snouffer
Connie Stober
Margaret Stokes
Courtney Stone
Denise Stone
Andrea Thorrold
Teresa Tibbets
Jan Trent
Diane Trew
Bernie and Carol
Van Essendelft
Brenda Visser
Kelli Watcherson
Emily Watson
Tina Weaver
Holli Whitacre
Christine Whitaker
Deborah Wilson
Shelly Zollinger


Steve and Gretel Adams
Karen Anderson
Jean Marie Barker
Amy Phipps Baxter
Vernon Beatty
Amie Bengtson
Stephanie Bennett
Indumani Bheri
Anna Bynum
Christina Campbell
Jen Campbell
Lizabeth Cardella
Amanda Cleland
Leah Cook
Ruby Cullen
Brenda and Mark Depew
Randall Dickinson
Paula Dinius
Kristen Dresen
Debra Dwyer
Karla Etten
Samantha Fagundes
Amy Fogo
Janet Foss

Gemini Fox
Kristina Franklin
Amber Galusha
Peter Gariss
Jennifer Gebhardt
Laurie Gehrt
Mark Ginsberg
Alison Graves
Abigail Helberg Moffitt
Amy Hendrickson
Detra Herrman
Sarah Hoyt
Dawn Hubbell
Jolon Hull
Victoria and Christopher Jabot
Sheri James
Barbara Jewell
Courtney Jewell
Nancy Jordan
Mary Anne Kapila
David Knoebel
Tinuviel Lathrop
Marchelle Ledfors

Jim Lemire
Betsy Levy
Lynn Lipkvich
Diego and Jessica Lozada
Sherry Lynn
Heather Marano
Kelly Martin
Shelley Martin
Maria Martins
Dania T. Matheos
Celia Max
Shannon McNally
Mark McVay
Maggie Moomaw
Susan Moorehead
Audrey Norberg
Kathleen Palmateer
Jodi Passwaters
Karen Pendleton
Lindsay Rassmann
Julie Ross
Kelly Ryan
Jodi Sargent
Rebecca Schenck

Kimberly Schrader
Maggie Sheehan
Sarah Shumaker
Deb Smith
Paul Snyder
Rachel Solka
Denise Stone
Deana Sublett
Amanda Taylor
Natalie Tegarden
Tamara Tormohlen
Karen Trubitt
Mary T. Turner
Mary Turner
Beth Van Sandt
Carolyn Walker
Ellen Weatherholt
Shelly Zollinger
Gail Zorn

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