ASCFG Mentor Program

Are you making the most of your ASCFG tools and resources?

Are you using the resources in Members Only?

  • Search by entering key words to find past articles in The Cut Flower Quarterly archives. Timeless information can be found here.
  • Take some time to watch videos of the speaker sessions, and browse through slideshows and handouts from Conferences and Meetings.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the ASCFG Facebook closed group. Access is like having your own online professional consulting firm.
  • Find floriculture research and links to other professional organizations, guides, and documents.

Reach out to fellow members!

  • Reach out to other members in your Region. Use the map at to find fellow members near you. Growers are very busy, especially at the peak of their seasons, and their availability will vary from member to member. Suggest that you spend time at one another’s farm to learn and share, or perhaps offer to work with a more experienced member for a day in exchange for the opportunity see their operation firsthand and ask questions. Form a small group in your Region willing to check in on occasion for a casual meeting by phone or in person.

Guidelines for Mentees

Applicants must:

  • Be an active ASCFG member for one calendar year before the date of application.
  • Have been a commercial flower grower for at least one full season before the date of application.
  • Have attended at least one ASCFG sponsored educational event.


Mentee Requirements:

  • Be available to your Mentor by phone/text/email as needed; the means and frequency of communication should be mutually decided, and respectful of both parties’ schedules.
  • Visit your Mentor’s farm at least once each of the two years of the program.
  • Host your Mentor at your farm at least once during the two years of the program.
  • Complete an annual evaluation about the program and your Mentor at the end of each growing season, as well as a final report for publication in The Cut Flower Quarterly.


Mentee Benefits:

  • One complimentary ASCFG meeting registration per year for the two years of the program.
  • $250 for travel to visit Mentor, $125/year.
  • Payment contingent upon active participation in the program, and completion and submission of year-end evaluations and reports.