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Textbooks such as The Flower Farmer; Field Grown Cut Flowers and the second edition of Specialty Cut Flowers by Allan Armitage and Judy Laushman are available at discounted prices to ASCFG members. Order publications below (using PayPal) or call the ASCFG at (440) 774-2887. Shipping and handling is included in the price for US only. S&H for international orders as indicated.

postharvestgreens - ASCFG Books

Postharvest Handling of Cut Flowers and Greens

A Practical Guide for Commercial Growers, Wholesalers, and Retailers

John Dole, North Carolina State University, Robert Stamps, University of Florida, Alicain Carlson, North Carolina State University, Iftikhar Ahmad, North Carolina State University and University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Lane Greer, Oklahoma State University, Judy Laushman, Editor. 360 pages

Specialty Cut Flowers 2nd. Edition book - ASCFG Books

Specialty Cut Flowers, Second Edition

by Allan Armitage & Judy Laushman, 636 pages, softbound available print on demand only. This greatly revised and expanded edition of Specialty Cut Flowers offers a unique perspective on cut flower production, bringing together in one place the infor-mation growers need to propagate and cultivate their eye-catching plants. Introductory chapters offer a discussion of domestic and foreign production, a brief overview of trends, and general comments and techniques for the postharvest care of flowers, including drying and preserving. The main body of the book gives extensive coverage of annual, perennial, bulbous, and woody species for commercial cut flower production, including propagation and growing-on methods, environmental factors, yield in the field, greenhouse forcing, stage of harvest, postharvest handling, and pests and diseases. For easier reference, plants now appear in single, straightforward A-to-Z order. Reflecting decades of research and writing by two distinguished horticulturists, Specialty Cut Flowers will be an indispensable reference for the nursery bookshelf
Woody Cut Stems book - ASCFG Books

Woody Cut Stems

Production and Postharvest Handling of Branches for Flowers, Fruit, and Foliage

The Flower Farmer Revised book - ASCFG Books

The Flower Farmer Revised and Expanded!

An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers

Herbaceous Perennial Plants book - ASCFG Books

Herbaceous Perennial Plants, Third Edition

by Allan Armitage, 1224 pages, softbound. The long-awaited third edition of Allan Armitage’s masterpiece on garden perennials will be released this spring. Armitage’s extensive traveling, teaching and trialing experiences provide a depth ofunderstanding of the best ornamental perennials for North American gardens unparalleled by any other garden writer. One of the most definitive and conclusive books written about perennials, the first edition was designated as one of the best 75 books written in the last 75 years by the American Horticulture Society, and the third promises to be even better.
Preserving Flowers and Foliage with Glycols Dyes book - ASCFG Books

Preserving Flowers and Foliage with Glycols & Dyes

A Manual for the Commercial Producer – by Mark Koch, 200+ pages, 3-ring binder format.

A comprehensive manual for systemic and immersion methods of preserving plants and foliages using glycols, dyes, bacteriostats and surfactants, this is intended for the experienced commercial producers of glycol-preserved plant materials.

The Insiders Guide to Cut Flower Dahlias book - ASCFG Books

The Insider's Guide to Cut Flower Dahlias

by By Lane Greer, 32 pages, softbound (Printed copy no longer available. Find digital book at Amazon)

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