2021 Seed Trialer Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Seed Trial. If you have already submitted an application, note that the original list of cultivars has been modified; the current list is below.

You’ll be happy to learn that we’ve added a few more exciting cultivars! American Takii and Takii Europe sent separate shipments; you may have not seen both lists. As well, AmeriSeed added two more marigolds, ‘Mishka Deep Gold’ and ‘Narai Orange Improved’.

Three cultivars have been dropped by their breeders: Takii’s achillea ‘Fruitbowl’; and snapdragon ’Potomac Red Improved’ and ‘Neo Green’ celosia from Bloom Studio are no longer included in the 2021 Trial.

These modifications will change your previous application, and we ask that each Trialer choose some of the newly-added selections. Please mark the cultivars you wish to receive, selecting a minimum of five. Note that you will receive one to several additional cultivars. This is necessary to ensure that all varieties are uniformly trialed around the country.

2021 Seed Trialer Application

  • Please submit by December 7.

  • American Takii NEW SUBMISSIONS

  • Takii Europe


  • BloomStudios

  • Evanthia

  • Gloeckner

  • Sakata Seed

    Sakata’s breeders suggest that for best results these asters and campanulas should be grown in a tunnel or a greenhouse with short/long day conditions, or lighting at the appropriate time. They also recommend disbudding for the aster Azumi XL series, leaving only one flower per one plant. Interested in experimenting a bit to see the difference? Try disbudding half of the plants and keeping half not disbudded. Refer to the culture sheets in Members Only for more information.
  • Sunflower Selections

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