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The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is dedicated to advancing the domestic cut flower industry. One of the best ways to achieve this is to encourage young people to consider cut flower production as a career option. With that goal in mind, the ASCFG will award $1,000 each to two students interested in becoming cut flower growers. In addition, successful applicants will receive one-year memberships in the ASCFG. Complimentary registration to speaker sessions at one ASCFG event per year are available. This does not include Growers' Schools, tours, meals, or other auxiliary events.

When I was awarded the ASCFG Scholarship, I had no idea how great of an impact it would have on my entire career. I had applied so I could get a little extra money for my school expenses, but what I really got was an entire family of flower friends and an education about flower farming that far exceeded anything I was taught in school. The free ASCFG membership and the chance to attend the conference on the scholarship were the launching pad for my successful flower farming adventures. I wouldn't be where I am today without this scholarship!

Jennie Love,
owner of
Love 'n Fresh Flowers 
2009 Scholarship Recipient

The Dave Dowling ASCFG Scholarship is open to all undergraduate or graduate students working toward a two- or four-year degree, or a graduate degree, in horticulture or floriculture. Students should:
1.) have worked
2.) be currently working
3.) plan to work after graduation in a commercial cut flower production operation.

Applicants must have at least one full year of studies remaining before finishing the degree. Previous applicants not awarded a scholarship may apply again if they still meet all the application requirements.
Part-time students may be considered if they have taken at least 9 credits per year for at least one year, are planning to enroll in at least 9 credits for the coming year, and are enrolled in a program leading to an agriculture, horticulture, or floriculture degree.

Dave Dowling owned a successful cut flower farm in Maryland for several years. He placed great emphasis on introducing young people to horticulture through employment on his farm, bringing them to ASCFG conferences, and mentoring them as they moved into their own cut flower businesses. Dave is responsible for the success of many new growers across the country. His generosity and enthusiasm for sharing are unparalleled. 

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How to Apply

Applications must be received by February 1, 2019:
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Inc.
MPO Box 268
Oberlin, OH 44074
Fax (440) 774-2435

 A complete application must include the following items:

- Application form. Download and print a copy here
- Resumé (limited to one page).
- Transcripts from each school attended after high school (unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
- One letter of recommendation from an employer, academic advisor, instructor, or advisor of a club in which you actively participate. Recommender should send letter directly to the ASCFG office.
- Statement (at least one page but not more than two pages) written by the applicant explaining the following:

  1. Why the applicant is interested in cut flower production as a career.
  2. The applicant's experience in floriculture, with emphasis on commercial cut flower production.
  3. The applicant's plans to work in the commercial cut flower industry.
  4. How this scholarship will be used.

Award Notification

Successful applicants will be notified in spring 2019 and the first installment of $500 will be awarded after they have registered for fall 2019 courses. The second installment of $500 will be awarded when the students register for the second semester.

Recipients must send a photograph for publication in the The Cut Flower Quarterly before receiving the check.