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The ASCFG was created to educate, unite, and support commercial cut flower growers. It does this by providing production and marketing information; connecting members through events and communications; supporting floriculture research; and encouraging the purchase and use of locally grown flowers by the public. Its mission is to help growers produce high-quality floral material, and to foster and promote the local availability of that product.

History of the ASCFG

The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) was formed in 1988 to unite and educate field and greenhouse cut flower growers. The ASCFG provides an identity for the specialty cut flower industry. It connects more than 1,000 members across the United States, and in Canada, the Netherlands and Northern Ireland. The ASCFG provides production, marketing, and research information through publications, online communications and national and regional meetings. It also connects floral buyers with the farmers who are producing the highest quality, locally-grown flowers.

Our primary aims are:

  • To foster friendship and sharing through meetings, tours, and communications - our most important methods of providing information on growing techniques, marketing strategies, and new developments in the industry.
  • To compile, publish, and disseminate cultural, statistical, and other information pertinent to the industry.
  • To promote, support, advance, and undertake studies and research into the production, handling, and marketing of specialty cut floral crops. We believe progress is the key to survival, and we hope to encourage and fund needed research to keep us ahead of the competition.

    Our benefits include:

    The Cut Flower Quarterly is the only national periodical dedicated to cut flower growers, and is one of the most highly regarded publications in the floral industry.  Its New Varieties issue features the results of the ASCFG Trials programs, and the latest cut flower cultivars. ASCFG members read the Quarterly as soon as it arrives in their mailboxes.

    The ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials are recognized as one of the most important cultivar evaluations in the country. Growers in all zones test new cut flower varieties from seed, plants or woody shrubs for hardiness, yield, stem length and marketability. Breeders and suppliers rely on these Trials as an integral part of their cultivar development and evaluation process.

    Our Bulletin Board is an electronic forum which some members consider their favorite member service.The ability to exchange information and experiences on cut flower production and marketing has brought members across the country together like no other process can. Searchable archives enable users to look up past conversations and contribute later.

    Social networking is fast and easy using the ASCFG Members Only Facebook Page. Members can share photos, videos and other links, while learning from each others' experiences.

    The online Flower Search allows buyers to locate flowers by state, zip code, flower name or farm name. Growers who provide design or wedding services can be contacted through this source.

For more information on the ASCFG and its other member benefits, contact Judy Laushman at (440) 774-2887,  or see 

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